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  • Annually the company will fill out and report the payments to the IRS through the FORM 1099



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Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers

The first time I entered Zoom with my Casita account I was asked for a code- Where do I find this code?

How do I set up my name on the platform?

  • Please only include your first name and last initial. For privacy reasons we do not allow using your entire last name.

What country do I select when setting up my profile?

  • Please select your country of origin, not the country you are currently located in.

I cannot enter my class, why could this be?

  • Double check you are logged into your online+_ zoom account rather than your personal account.

Should I set my time zone to Madrid’s time zone or the time zone I’m located in?

  • Your time zone should be set to the one you are located in, not Madrid’s. Your classes will reflect accordingly in your time zone.

What is the difference between a class and a course?

  • A class is a one time occurrence whereas a course is the more suitable option for a long term arrangement where parents select a time and day and it is repeated weekly.

What is the shortest notice I can receive for a class?

  • The earliest a parent can book a class is 24 hours in advance. You will not have any new class bookings less than 24 hours before the class begins.

How far in advance can a class be booked?

  • The furthest in advance a class can be booked is 4 weeks.

How do I cancel a class?

  • If you need to cancel an already existing class you must contact Susana at or +34 622 34 13 27.  In regards to courses, if you know of a class you will have to cancel you can remove your availability for that specific day and time if it’s more than 4 weeks in advance and the week of the class and email will be sent out to let the parents know about the cancellation. You must still inform Susana of any cancellations, schedule changes, etc., even after you’ve updated manually on the platform, per the handbook.

How do I make a note of a student’s absence?

  • Please email or message Susana to inform her of a student’s absence.

Where do I complete the daily student evaluation after each class?

  • Under “My Classes” if you scroll down, you will see your past classes and there under the far right column, “Notes”, you are able to add your daily student evaluation. If for some reason it does not appear please try refreshing the platform.

How do I access my classes?

  • The best way to access your classes is directly through the Zoom App but remember to use your Casita email account which is

How do I add my availability?

  • In order to add availability you must click on the second subsection labeled “My Availability”. You will be able to add availability on a weekly basis (e.g. every Monday from 9-12) or specific days (e.g. February 21st from 10-12). With the later option of specific days you are also able to remove availability (e.g. If your schedule shows you are available on Mondays 9-17 but on a specific Monday you are unavailable from 10-14 for example you are able to block this time off.)

Why do I get an error message when I select “Save Schedule” in trying to add my availability?

  • You must only select “Save Schedule” when adding/removing availability from concrete days not when adding your weekly availability, this saves automatically.

If I need to block days off of my availability how do I do this?

  • At the bottom of the “my availability” section you will see a section that says “Add availability on specific days”. Here on the first drop down menu you can switch “add availability” to “remove availability” and block it off by the day.

I’m scheduled for two classes in a row with the same student, why is this?

  • If you’re scheduled for two classes back to back with the same student that means it will be one 50 minute class.

How to share screen and give mouse control to students in Zoom